Nubunz Diaper have been purchased by NubMuby LLC in California, They are now selling Nubunz Diapers on Etsy and Amazon.

We are proud to introduce our newest product line of premium cloth diapers.  Nubunz is a US trademark and protected under US copyright laws, patents pending. All Nubunz diapers are now revision 3 style. We no longer sell or have of the old style diapers. These are new diapers with new materials and all new sewing processes.

You will be happy with our new prices, better warranty and higher quality. I personally made every prototype before we put it into production. All diapers have been extensively tested to ensure they will last. Lots of time and effort was put into making these the best diapers available. If you have an issue with these diapers, we stand behind them 100%. That is how confident we are that you will like them.

These diapers are: Water Proof, Durable, Safe, Reusable, Eco Friendly, Adjustable, One Size fits most (typically 8 to 38 pounds range), Variety of Colors and Types (Snap or Velcro), Anti Wick Area to help keep your baby dry. If you would like any additional pictures, please click here for our picture pages.

See our new colors on our order page, click here.

How to adjust the diapers to fit your baby?

There are 3 lines of buttons.  The top line adjusts to the second line of buttons.  This will make the size medium.  The top line adjusts to the bottom line of buttons will make the size small.

Snaps or Velcro, which do I choose?

Lots of people ask us, “Which should you chose, snaps or Velcro.”  Here is the information we have gotten from our customer feedback.  For a smaller baby the Velcro works better.  For a larger baby the snaps work better.  If your home has both small and large babies, a mix would be best.  Or just buy one of each until you decide which works better for you. 

Outer Shell – Our waterproof outer barrier is made well and is extremely durable.  This will last and last on your crawling baby.  It is made from breathable polyurethane laminated outer poly knit to keep wetness contained. (This is the same material as the more expensive brands).  This adds up to more protection for your baby, the bed and linens from leakage.  Inner Maternal – The soft polyester suede fleece inner layer gently touches your baby's skin.  This inner layer pulls away moisture and keeps your baby dry, comfortable and rash-free. The material we now use inside of the diaper is am improvement over the older style microfleece. This micro suede material is a more expensive and better material to use against your babies skin.

Pocket Opening – This is the gem of this product.  The pocket-style opening enables customization to suit your baby's needs. You can stuff the pocket with the included micro terry insert for maximum absorbency.  You can also add additional inserts for the heavier wetter.  A panty liner can even be put in here in an emergency situation. The micro fleece inner liner wicks the moisture away from your baby so this is a great way to cover those emergencies.  We have two kids and emergencies happen.  You can often find a panty liner in the dispenser at the mall when you can rarely find a spare diaper.

Insert – 3 layers Polyester micro terry cloth.  These are really soft and absorbent.  The feel reminds you of a soft stuffed toy.  Just used by themselves, these are nice and cozy to the touch.  These also make great clothes for clean ups.  These are super soft.  We love them as wipe off clothes and will really soak up the moisture.




We will ship the item(s) within 5 to 7 working days after the payment is completed (not including weekends and Holidays).  We charge only exact shipping charges.

The shipment usually takes 5-10 days to your PayPal registered address.  Most shipments will arrive within 3 to 5 business days.

We ship United Stated Postal Service, Fed Ex and United Parcel Service.   Tracking will be sent when item ships.
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International Buyer

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.”

“These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.”

“We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as ‘gifts’ - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.”

We ship to ALL countries around the world.  Overseas shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail so we can have tracking and delivery confirmation.  Please inform us of your quantity wanted and address and we will happily send you a quote for additional shipping costs.  This could take two weeks delivery depending on the country.  We will also need a delivery phone number for shipping purposes.  This is required on the customs forms if delivering to a PO Box.

Some additional shipping charges may apply. Our Paypal service does not calculate shipping properly all the time.

Customer Satisfaction and Warranty

We appreciate your comments and concerns about our products. Please send responces to the email address listed below.

In an effort to increase efficiency with answering questions from customers, we have implemented a new email address just for your diapers issues. Nubunz@gmail.com. This new email will be dedicated to answering questions and resolving your issues. When writing to this email, please include your Paypal name, Paypal address, brand you ordered and order date. Also please provide a picture of the problem area and this will help us resolve it much quicker. Many times your email address does not match your Paypal address so there is no method to match what you ordered with the issue you have. We hope this helps expedite issues and questions.

If there is anything we can do for you or if you just have a question, feel free to ask.

I'll try to respond to any questions within 24 to 48 hours except during weekends and holidays.  We are not always on the internet during the weekends. We take time for children, family and other personal activities. So it is possible if you send me an email on Thursday evening, I will not get back to you until Monday night or Tuesday just by the way the days fall. Please try and refrain from using Nubunz, Mommy and Baby, SweetDollBaby or Trans Terra Technologies LLC Email System.  There is lots of company mail and Corporate mail in here and it is easy to miss something.  Nubunz Brand is solely owned by Trans Terra Technologies LLC, all rights reserved. Please put your subject in all caps so I can the issue you have quickly.

All repairs have to be shipped back to our store for repair or replacement. All returns will be paid for if within the warranty period. We have to do this in order to prevent fraud and abuse.

Warranty does not cover

Leaking, "stinky or smelly diapers", and buildup, staining of the inserts or normal wear.  Any diaper may leak at times, regardless of brands or style.  We have used the best Disposable Diapers on our son, and they leak sometimes.  We have tried the most expensive cloth brands and they leak sometimes.  Please use both inserts when using the diapers, especially at night.  Using one insert only gives you half the leak protection.  Ensure the legs are snug on the baby.  Improper adjustment accounts for most leakage. Our diapers are randomly pressure tested for leaks.

We do not warranty the Velcro on the diapers. Velcro wears faster than snaps and will have to be replaced eventually during the life of the diapers. Even the best brands on the market have this issue. We can provide additional velcro if you would like to replace it during the warranty period.

Warranty is also void if the following happens:  

(1) The washing instructions have not been followed.

(2) The diaper has been altered except as approved by us, you can change out the velcro if needed. Velcro wears faster than snaps and will need to be changed out during the life of the diaper. We have found no Velcro that will succeed in not breaking down over the life of the diaper.

(3) If you have used the following items on your Nubunz Brand Diapers:

A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap

Fabric softeners of any kind or the use of Caustic or Acidic substances on the diapers or shells.

Diaper rash cream. This will cause the diaper to leak.  The cream creates a water proof surface on the inserts and lets the water run off.  In the case you are getting some rash, you can change the diapers more often or temporarily switch to disposables until the rash subsides.

Leaking, what causes it and what to do.

The number one cause of leakage is a saturated diaper that just needs to be changed. Any diaper will leak once full. If your baby is having problems with leaks, check this first. 99% of the time, additional absorbency solves leakage problems. If that doesn't work, we have put some common items to check.
Did you prewash?
First of all, make sure that you washed everything at least once before using. There can be residue left on the fabric from the production process that can cause leakage.
Is the insert flat?
Make sure that the insert is flat when you put the diaper on your baby. If it is twisted or wadded up, this can cause leakage.
Is the wetness at the top edge of the diaper?
This issue has been resolved with our new revision Nubunz and SweetDollBaby diapers.  We have added a moisture barrier at the waist to prevent this.  On our old revision diapers ensure that the insert is not bunched up at the top.
Is the wetness at the legs or the tabs?
If the diaper is leaking from the tabs or the legs, change the diaper and remove the insert. If it is saturated then your baby definitely needs a more absorbent insert or consider more frequent diaper changes. If the insert isn’t saturated, then the diaper may not be adjusted to fit your child properly.  Fit is the second most reason for leaking.  If none of this works you may be using a detergent that contains additives.  This is the cause for a diaper to "JUST START" leaking after some time of use without issue. This will cause your diapers to have detergent buildup which can also cause leakage by basically waterproofing them.
Leaking can also be caused by a detergent buildup. What to do?
Wash once in hot water with one teaspoon (for high efficiency machines) to one tablespoon (for regular washing machines) with original liquid Dawn (blue formula) and up to 1/2 cup bleach in the wash cycle.

Additional Quantities. If we don't list it, please ask for details.

Wholesale accounts are available on Nubunz and Sweetdollbaby brand diapers only. Please contact us for details and minimum purchase amounts.

More than 4 or more additional inserts typically will take the weight to the next shipping level. We have to invoice you for the additional inserts. Please just let me know and we will happily add these to your orders. Inserts are $1.00 with a diaper purchase and $1.25 without.  

Shipping overseas or Canada for diapers only, Please contact us for quote on shipping additional shipping charges that occur with additional inserts purchased.